An update on Lulu

An update on Lulu

If you follow us over on Instagram and Twitter you'll know all about our sponsored sea turtle, Lulu! (If not, click here to read about her)

Last week, we posted about Hurricane Dorian and how it may affect Lulu. Turtles are relatively slow moving marine animals, they can hold their breath for around 7 hours underwater before needing to come up for air but with the currents being so strong we were very concerned about her welfare, and of course the safety of the people and other animals in the hurricane's path.

But it's not all doom and gloom, we're thankful to say that Lulu made it through! We watched as she made a loop of the island in Grand Bahama and in the last few days she's headed down to Nassau. Not only that, but she's also 2nd in the "race". Go Lulu! She's a fighter 

One of the biggest threats sea turtles face during a hurricane is storm surge, which can wash away nests before the turtles have even hatched. In some areas up to 70% of the sea turtle nests that were laid before Dorian have been destroyed, however there was a record breaking number of eggs laid prior to the hurricane, and not only that, but some nesting mother turtles have been seen to return and lay their eggs again. 

It's amazing to see some positive news about our sea turtle friends! 

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