honu faves are back!

honu faves are back!

Our restock is now live! We were overwhelmed by the demand for our new Dreamer pieces, of course along with some classics from our Lunar and Hanalei collections that never go out of style. 

Here are some of our top picks from the restock

  •  Dreamer Opal Sea Turtle Ring in Sterling Silver £19.99

The most popular piece from our newly launched Dreamer collection. Dreamer was inspired by a trip to Bali where we were witness to the sheer volume of plastic waste washing up along the coast. It was heartbreaking to see.

We dream of a world where our oceans are free from the pollution of single-use plastic – and we’re not the only ones. Everyone can make a difference and if we all make small changes, together we can make a massive difference – and our Dreamer collection is a symbol of this. 

  • Hanalei Turquoise Necklace £19.99

Hanalei is a fun and colourful collection of jewels inspired by a discovery of treasure inside a shipwreck off the coast of Kauai'i in Hawai'i. We imagine that for hundreds of years, sea turtles here swam amongst this treasure of coins and precious stones long before it was discovered by people. 

This turquoise necklace is by far one of our favourites and definitely a favourite amongst our #honucrew! 

  • Lunar Moon and Turtle Necklace £22.99

One of our first ever collections, Lunar was designed taking inspiration from baby sea turtles who use light to guide them in the right direction to the ocean. Light pollution along the coastlines is a huge problem for hatchlings as it can confuse them and cause them to head in the wrong direction to cities and roads. Our Lunar collection was created to raise awareness about this difficulty that sea turtles face in their perilous early days on Earth. 

Made from 925 sterling silver and plated in white gold, our crescent moon necklace is one of the more statement pieces from our collection which makes it perfect to layer with other small necklaces. 

  •  Dreamer Opal Hoops £17.99

These little hoops have been so popular, they are perfect for layering with other earrings and are a subtle addition to our tiny turtle studs. 

  • Turtle and Plumeria Flower Ring £18.99

A little silver turtle laying between a pair of Hawaiian plumeria flowers...this ring is just so cute! Designed to be worn alone or alongside the Dreamer heart or plumeria flower rings. 

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