Lets save our planet in 2020!

Lets save our planet in 2020!

It’s nearly 2020 honu crew & we know you’re all thinking about your New Years Resolutions! Join the gym? Eat healthier? Save money?

Why not do something that will impact the planet & wildlife too?

This last few weeks the honu team have been talking about ways we want to be more sustainable next year & we think if everyone made a little change towards a more sustainable lifestyle, then it would all combine to make a huge impact!

I guess you’re wondering how? Well here are 10 simple ways you can do a little to help save our planet & of course our turtle friends:

  1. Save electricity - turn off your plugs when they are not being used.
  2. Avoid plastic bottles - we are lucky enough that we can drink our tap water, so why not take advantage of this? Of course you may prefer filtered water, but there are reusable filters out there which you can buy that will last much longer than that bottle of water from the local convenience store. Why not make that investment & enjoy clean, filtered water whilst thinking of all the plastic bottles you won’t be using!
  3. Choose paperless - still receiving paper statements from the bank, insurance or electricity company? Why not make the call & get this changed for online. One little call to save on paper & shipping for the future, now that is time well spent.
  4. Save Water - reducing shower time is one easy way to save water. We all have that 10 minutes after we have washed & are all clean where we day dream & dawdle in the shower. Why not scrap that & save some water? Hey, you could even have a little lie down in those spare 10 minutes?
  5. Positive transport choices - where possible why not avoid using your car? You could maybe walk or cycle (good for your body as well as the planet) or if its too far, public transport or car sharing is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint.
  6. Sell & Donate - so Christmas has been, we’ve all been treated by Santa & I’m sure you’re all thinking about having a clear out in time for the new year. But don’t be throwing everything away into landfills - they’re way too full as it is. Why not set yourself up on eBay & sell some pieces? Or donate to a charity shop, there are so many people less fortunate than we are who would love the things you no longer want or need.
  7. Hang up your clothes - Say goodbye to using a tumble dryer, and go back to the trusty old maiden. Dryers use so much unnecessary energy and you get the exact same results. It’s that easy!
  8. Say no to plastic bags - it’s that simple, when you hit the checkout & hear that question “would you like a bag?” Just say no! Have your own reusable canvas bag at the ready & be proud when you think that the plastic bag you just said no to could have ended up in the sea, and some poor little turtle might have tried to eat it thinking it was a jelly fish!
  9. Choose fairtrade: When you’re doing your weekly shop, make a conscious effort to buy local & fair trade items. They might cost a little more, but it is great knowing that not only are the workers who made your lovely chocolate bar treated well, but your veg has only travelled 5 minutes down the road to reach your plate.
  10. TRY VEGANUARY: We know that some people are considering giving Veganuary a try (of course we understand this isn’t for everyone & wouldn’t want to preach). But if it is something you are considering, then why not give it a go! No it’s not easy, but think of the satisfaction you’ll take from it! And honestly, anyone who says vegan food isn’t yummy is 100% telling fibs!

Let us know what ideas you have this year for your New Years resolutions by leaving a comment below...


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I have finally taken the plunge and have become vegetarian (not just for January). I am also trying to buy locally when I can, and definitely saying no to plastic water bottles and non-reusable coffee cups. Every little helps, and I’ll continue to make changes throughout the year!


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