Lulu needs your vote!

Lulu needs your vote!

With only 8 days left in the Tour de Turtles race it's time for the People’s Choice Contest on the Sea Turtle Conservancy Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

Lulu is already in the lead, wooo! But you can keep voting for her in the comments on Facebook or Instagram, or you can tweet/retweet for a chance to earn points for her.

This is purely for fun, but we would love for Lulu to go down as 2019's Tour de Turtles champion! 

Enter on Twitter: CLICK HERE

Enter on Facebook here: CLICK HERE

Enter on Instagram here: CLICK HERE

The winner will be announced on Monday 28th October

Go Lulu!

Here are the current People’s Choice standings and points:

1st – Lulu 31

2nd – Ariel 21

3rd – Bortie Too & Phyllis (tied) 14

4th – Frankie 10

5th – St. Thomas & Jujube (tied) 8

6th – Rosalita, Sage, Sheldon & Shelly (tied) 5

7th – Alejandra & Mei Mei (tied) 4

8th – Spongie, Patches & Ursula (tied) 3

9th – Eve 2

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