Lulu's progress. How Hurricane Dorian may affect her

Lulu's progress. How Hurricane Dorian may affect her

It's been 6 weeks since we released Lulu and she's travelled 652 miles so far over to Northern Bahamas from Melbourne, Florida.

Both ourselves and Sea Turtle Conservancy have been monitoring Lulu and the other turtles taking part in Tour de Turtles with the threat of Hurricane Dorian looming. Yesterday, Dorian was confirmed to be a category 5 hurricane (the strongest type) and it made landfall right over the Bahamas. 

Lulu's tracking device should give insight into what she does during this severe hurricane, and help us to learn about turtle behaviour in this situation. 

It's thought that sea turtle's instinct automatically helps them to sense danger and avoid the direct path of the hurricane, however Lulu's tracking isn't showing much movement from the danger zone just yet. 

We are of course keeping all of the people and animals affected in our thoughts throughout Hurricane Dorian, and pray that Lulu stays safe!

If you'd like to keep an eye on Lulu's progress, click here

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