We're dreaming of a sustainable Christmas!

We're dreaming of a sustainable Christmas!

Aloha honu crew,

Does the thought of all the waste that is thrown away at this time of year make you cringe? Us too!

So this year we are keeping sustainability at the heart of everything we do! That is why all our jewellery comes in minimal packaging. Our rings & earrings come in small paper bags & chains in a card board envelope. Also, as they are perfect size to slip through the letter box it means we can say goodbye to unsuccessful deliveries & unnecessary redeliveries, keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.

All ways we are helping to protect the planet!

So that’s what we’re doing this Christmas…

Here are 3 simple ways you guys can remain sustainable too this Christmas: 

  1. Wrapping Paper - first ask yourself “is this necessary?" Why not give your gift in one of the spare tote bags you have hanging about? Or a cute little basket that will be useful too? If you still want to wrap it (we know that kids love to unwrap gifts) then why not use brown craft paper which is eco-friendly & biodegradable. Fasten it with a bit of old ribbon, or some eco-tape (just like we use on your parcels) & you’re good to go!
  2. Christmas Cards - they’re all about the thought & meaning, right? & what is more meaningful than a handmade card? Get any spare card, paper or crafts you have hanging around the house & make someone an eco-friendly card full of meaning!
  3. Avoid Glitter - did you know that most glitter is made from etched aluminium attached to polyethylene terephthalate? This is a type of micro plastic that pollutes not only water, but also air & soil. Not just a nightmare for our turtle friends but also the planet as a whole. We say, let’s say goodbye to glitter altogether, what do you think?

 Do you have other ideas to be sustainable this Christmas? Let us know below!

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