Where did Lulu finish?

Where did Lulu finish?

Tour de Turtles has now finished! And the scores are in.

In the People's Choice Contest, Lulu finished up in FIRST PLACE! Thank you to everyone who voted for her

In the official "race", Lulu came in in third place, swimming a huge 1,168 miles from Florida to the Bahamas and finishing up off the coast of Cuba at a popular foraging ground for a well-deserved feed.

This particular foraging ground was discovered by STC as a direct result of the Tour de Turtles event, and has allowed them to secure stronger laws (against overfishing, etc) which means that sea turtles can safely feed here.

It's been an amazing journey to track Lulu, even throughout Hurricane Dorian, but now we'll have to say goodbye to her. Her tracking device will either fall off by itself or be removed by Sea Turtle Conservancy if they are able to reach her.

Perhaps we will see her back at Melbourne beach for the 2020 Tour de Turtles if she comes onshore to nest again

Farewell, Lulu! 

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