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Our Story


Welcome to honu, the brand for ocean souls 🏝🐚

how we began...

I’m Amy, and in 2017 I created honu with a mission to design beautiful jewellery for like minded people who love our planet and its inhabitants. Having seen wild sea turtles while visiting Hawaii, I was inspired to launch a brand I was passionate about that could in turn do some good for these incredible creatures. 

About Our Jewellery

Designed in-house

honu jewellery is designed and made taking inspiration from my own travels, experiences and causes I feel passionate about. We never buy "off-the-shelf" jewellery from wholesalers. I love to create new pieces when I'm travelling, bringing a piece of each new place back with me in the form of lovely new jewels!

Shipped from our UK office

We individually pack and ship every order by hand from our UK warehouse. No dropshipping here! This means quicker shipping times, eco-friendly packaging always and it ensures we can quality check all of our pieces and add that personal touch to our orders.

Consciously made

Our jewels are made from either sterling silver or stainless steel, with our silver always being from recycled material. We never use any materials that would mean taking from nature, therefore all shell designs and shark teeth are made from enamel plated silver or simply silver with white or yellow gold plating.

Charity Impact

Since we started, we have been partnered with various ocean-saving charities, having raised over £100,000 for sea turtles, seals, sharks, coral reefs, seahorses, penguins, polar bears, beluga whales and dolphins, and this year we have planted over 700 mangrove trees. We are currently supporting Hawaii Wildlife Fund with £1 from every order donated!
*Charities partnered with to date: Sea Turtle Conservancy, Cornish Seal Sanctuary, Shark Allies, Coral Reef Alliance, Olive Ridley Project, Arctic Ice Project, Seahorse Trust, Beluga Whale Sanctuary, Global Penguin Alliance, Seatrees, Ecologi, Maldives Whale Shark Research


Our charitable partnerships aren’t the only thing we are doing to play our part in helping the Earth. We’re dedicated to minimising our impact by never using any plastic in our packaging, keeping our parcel sizes to a minimum to help reduce our carbon footprint, and manufacturing our jewellery ethically and with recycled materials.

Our team




Head of Creative


Fulfilment Manager

Escape to honu for a little taste of island living...

...with jewellery that’s perfect for both the beach or a city break, pool parties or golden hour cocktails. We take inspiration from the world’s most stunning beaches, cities, wildlife and landscapes to create pieces you won’t want to take off whether you’re on vacation or just want to feel connected to nature.


We’ve just celebrated our 100,000th customer and we can’t wait to welcome you into our honu crew 🤍