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Fairmined Gold


We're so proud that honu is now Fairmined certified, meaning that all of our gold plated pieces are assured to be ethically, sustainably and responsibly sourced and manufactured. 

Shop Honu Ltd Fairmined Id: GB30075

What is Fairmined Gold
Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations. It transforms mining into an active force for good, ensuring social development and environmental protection, providing everyone with a source of gold to be proud of. 
The Fairmined Initiative was created by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), a non-profit organization globally recognized as a leader and pioneer of responsible artisanal and small-scale mining.
For Miners
The treatment and welfare of every person involved in the production and distribution of our pieces is of utmost importance to us. The Fairmined standard assures:
- A guaranteed minimum price paid to the workforce
- No child labour
- Stable jobs and a healthy & safe workplace
- Gender Equality
- No link to conflict situations
- Legal Mining
- Better trade relationships. 
For the Environment
We aim to keep our impact on the environment to a minimum is as many aspects of our business as we can. Fairmined gold ensures: 
- Small scale operations mean lower impact on the environment
- Safe and reduced handling of chemicals
- Protection of water supplies