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Our Sustainabilty Pledges

We’re extremely proud to be a conscious brand, but we can always do more. In the same way that we ask you guys over on our social media to commit to small changes in your life that will positively impact the planet, we believe that a huge responsibility also sits with companies - both large and small. Therefore, we pledge to complete the following by the end of 2021:


1. Size inclusivity

We are very aware that our jewellery is not yet inclusive. We’re a small brand and haven’t been at a stage financially in our journey to be able to fully make this change. In 2021, we increased our ring size range by another 5 sizes and we aim to add even more this year. It is at the top of our priority list to have more sizes in bracelets, anklets, necklaces and chokers.


2. 100% of jewellery made in the UK

We’re 90% there, but we aim to have 100% of our jewellery made in the UK by April 2021. *Update* We're proud to say we have completed this pledge! All of our jewellery is designed and made in the UK. 


3. Donations and Partnerships

Our partnership with Sea Turtle Conservancy is extremely important to us and is our main reason for doing what we do. We will continue to donate as much as we can to them to aid their conservation work, whilst establishing more limited edition partnerships with conservation organisations to support the fight for endangered creatures across the planet.


4. Waste Reduction

We’re constantly looking at ways that we can improve this. Being plastic-free is good, but it isn’t enough. Waste comes in all sorts of forms – the waste we still create at honu hq is mainly printer cartridges, label backings, plastic tape on parcels we receive, and coffee pods. We’re committing to looking at ways to reduce, eliminate or repurpose all of these. 

5. 100% recycled sterling silver

Currently, 50% of our silver is from recycled pieces, and the rest is ethically sourced from Italy. Our aim is to switch to 100% recycled silver by the end of 2022.