Responsible Packaging

One of our top priorities at honu is of course to do our bit to reduce the amount of plastic waste which ultimately ends up in our oceans. So, we package our jewellery in cardboard envelopes and cute blue stripe bags! Our rings and bracelets are packaged together in one bag instead of individually to help reduce waste in general, not only plastic waste. Since we launched last year, we have slowly been able to phase out any unnecessary wastage so we kindly ask you to understand our reasons for not sending our jewellery in bulky gift boxes. 

The outer mailing bag in which your order may arrive is actually made of recycled plastic and this can be recycled again. However, as we can't stand any kind of plastic (even the recycled kind!) we're super excited to let you know that we're in the process of developing new paper packaging to replace this! 


Your order will arrive with a card to explain what honu is all about and where the donation goes to, so this makes our jewellery the perfect gift for anyone who loves the ocean and the environment. If you need more than one card, or you need us to package your order in individual bags, please request this at the checkout! We kindly request that you keep it to the absolute minimum though, as we (and the turtles!) hate waste!