Sustainability Commitments


1. Conservation and education

First and foremost, we are committed to supporting the fight to save endangered sea turtles from extinction. We do this by donating 10% of the profits of every sale to the Sea Turtle Conservancy to aid their research work, as well as using our platform to raise awareness of the issues endangering sea turtles – plastic pollution, climate change, and poaching to name a few. By continually raising awareness, we hope to inspire people to make small lifestyle changes that will make a big impact.

 Since the successful launch of our first ever mini collaboration with the Beluga Whale Sanctuary, with 100% of the profits of our beluga necklace being donated to help fund the care their rescued beluga whales, we have since launched a further 4 collaborations with The National Lobster Hatchery, The Seahorse Trust, The Cornish Seal Sanctuary and Whale and Dolphin Conservation. 

 2. Anti-fast fashion

We understand that jewellery is a non-essential purchase. That’s why we’ve steered clear of making our jewellery at a “fast-fashion” level, which is extremely harmful to the environment. Our jewellery is made to last. And if anything should happen to it, you can send it back to us to be recycled into a new piece of jewellery. A piece of honu jewellery is not only a symbol of support for endangered sea turtles, but a symbol of a personal commitment towards buying less and buying better. 

 3. Recycled jewellery, made in the UK

From early on in the honu journey, we knew that we wanted to make as much as we could in the UK for both ethical and environmental reasons. We met our amazing factory owner, Phil, a couple of years ago, along with our fantastic CAD designer, Caroline. We knew immediately that these guys were the ones to help us take honu forward in the most eco-conscious way. Manufacturing in the UK means that we have a lower transportation footprint in comparison to manufacturing and importing from abroad. 


They were already using at least 50% recycled sterling silver to make their jewellery, with the rest being ethically sourced from Italy. Most of this extra silver is already in circulation and has been for many years, since silver does not degrade like some other metals. This means that no fresh silver has had to be mined from the Earth to make our pieces.

The supplier of our ethically sourced silver is certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council and are guaranteed by the Traceability & Fashion certification



 4. Fairmined Gold

We're super proud to be new members of Fairmined Gold, an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations. It transforms mining into an active force for good, ensuring social development and environmental protection, providing everyone with a source of gold to be proud of. Each and every piece of our gold plated jewellery is 100% Fairmined certified and plated by Mark at his UK factory. Read more about Fairmined here

 5. Plastic-free packaging

We’ve eliminated plastic completely within our packaging – both during shipment to us and during shipment to our customers. Our packaging is recycled card which can be recycled again, our tape is paper, and our cotton bags are reusable. We have recently created honu seed boxes, a super cute pillow box which can be gifted and then planted to grow beautiful wildflowers at home to attract bees and other pollinators ❤️

 6. Waste-led design

We are committed to eliminating waste as much as we possibly can. We are constantly amazed at the popularity of our jewellery and as such, we are very grateful to not be left with much dead stock at all. Any pieces that are defective or cannot be sold to a new home are sent back to our supplier to be recycled or repurposed, that's why we rarely run sales. Some of our stones are made from offcuts and shavings of larger genuine stones and repurposed into the small round stones you’ll see in some of our designs. 

 7. A team committed to caring for our planet

We’re so proud of our team! We can honestly say that everyone who works for honu has a passion for animals and the planet. They’re constantly surprising us by independently making small switches in their lives such as reducing or eliminating dairy or meat, car-sharing and reducing the amount of plastic they use. We’re committed to creating a safe and happy environment for our staff, with everyone being paid a fair living wage. This extends through to our factory’s staff too.


 8. Carbon neutral

We came across Ecologi (formerly Offset Earth) in October 2019. Ecologi is a fantastic reforestation organisation that allows both individuals and businesses to offset their carbon by planting trees monthly. We immediately signed up and now we plant 120 trees a month in various locations around the world, which offsets the carbon for each member of our team. Some of this contribution also helps towards various humanitarian projects in some of the world’s most deprived areas, such as assisting in supplying clean water in Haiti, harvesting wind energy in India, and improving cooking stoves in Kenya.